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July 29, 2013

About Auction Data Wizard

Auction Data Wizard is a powerful tool for converting different auction data files from AbeBooks, Alibris, Amazon,AtomicMall, CQout, Delcampe, eBay, eBid, Facebook Payvment Storefront, Google Base,iOffer,OZtion, Trading Post and UIEE listings. Auction Data Wizard assists auction sellers in the quick import, export and conversion of files to auction listing programs :

  • AbeBooks HomeBase
  • Alibris
  • Amazon
  • AtomicMall
  • Bonanza
  • CQout
  • Delcampe Lister
  • eBay Turbo Lister
  • eBid Ninja Lister
  • eCrater
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Payvment Storefront
  • Google Base
  • iOffer
  • MyAuctionPlanet
  • OZtion Express Lister
  • Trading Post Ad Tools Plus
  • UIEE Auction and Books Imports and Exports Listings :
  • AbeBooks
  • Alibris
  • Amazon
  • AtomicMall
  • Bonanza
  • CQout (TAB delimited files)
  • Delcampe (TAB and CSV)
  • eBay (TAB delimited files)
  • eBid (TAB delimited files)
  • eCrater (TAB delimited files)
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Payvment Storefront
  • Google Base (XML and TAB delimited)
  • iOffer
  • OZtion (XML files) and
  • Trading Post
  • UIEE Auction and Books Converts :
  • AbeBooks to eBay, eBid, OZtion and Trading Post
  • Alibris to eBay
  • Bonanza to eBay and Etsy
  • Delcampe to eBay and eBid
  • eBay to AbeBooks, Alibris, Amazon, AtomicMall, Bonanza, CQout, Delcampe, eBid, eCrater,Etsy, Facebook, iOffer,MyAuctionPlanet, OZtion, Shopify, Trading Post, UIEE Books
  • eBid to AbeBooks, Delcampe, eBay, OZtion Trading Post
  • eCrater to eBay
  • Etsy to Bonanza and eBay
  • Google Base to eBay, eBid and OZtion
  • iOffer to eBay
  • OZtion to AbeBooks, eBay, eBid and Trading Post
  • Trading Post to eBay and OZtion

Other Features :

  • Import Wizard for Tab Delimited files
  • Create a Books Catalog and export book records for eBay Turbo Lister
  • Exports Selected Fields of Auction Listings to a Tab Delimited text file.
  • Imports Tab delimited files for Inventory, Suppliers and Customers.
  • Apply Books Template to eBay Description Field.

Changes in this version:

The About window displays computer MAC address for the registered user.

System requirements:

28 Mb disk space

( By Imagoscape Enterprise - Auction Data Wizard Publisher )

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